Offering Alternative Therapies, Meditation and Yoga in Brentwood TN


​Your path towards holistic balance and wellness begins here.

Past Life Regression 

You will safely and comfortably enter a deep hypnotic state where you will explore Past Lives.  This experience can lead you to healing, clarity,  and a deeper sense of self.

There is so much to explore from Quantum Healing to an understanding of pure purpose.

Contact me if you would like to better understand the process & benefits or to schedule a session.

Most sessions are 2.5 hours in length


Beyond Reiki

Each session of energy work includes Master Level Reiki and also employs meridian work, chakra balancing and other energetic modalities simultaneously to promote the bodies own innate healing ability.

Great for anxiety and stress issues as well as mental and spiritual clarity.

Craniosacral Therapy

Traditional Craniosacral therapy balances the natural fluid rhythms of the body, allowing the body to release long-held patterns of tension.  This will alleviate back and neck pain, headaches and other physical imbalances.   Combined with energetic balancing, this is a holistic technique for relief.

 Session price:  

Session price:  $75 per hour, or a series of 3- 1 hour sessions for $180 .

Provided at Cumberland Holistic Professionals
500 Wilson Pike Circle suite 122
Brentwood, TN  ( just minutes south of Nashville)

For inquires about our craniosacral remedies, Reiki/ energy medicine, and other alternative therapeutic solutions call us at 615.434.5150 


What People Are Saying

"I have been on my spiritual path my whole life and have met countless practitioners and healers along the way.  I have never met anyone in all of my years that has the unique talents as Theresa. 
She is gifted like no other and I have had miracles happen on her table.
Theresa is able to help with all levels of healing (mental, emotional AND physical). 
I have gone to her with extreme back, neck or head pain and headaches that won’t go away and in 1 session with her, GONE!
I call her “magic hands” and it couldn’t be more true.
Highly recommend her for whatever your needs are."

Creating Balance